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Cook 1 (Temp)

Salem, OregonTemporary
About the Job
BlueSun has an immediate need for a temporary Food Service Worker 1 at Oregon 4-H Center in Salem, OR.

The Oregon 4-H Center is a youth camp and conference facility approximately eight (8) miles from downtown Salem. It is a rural area and is not on public transportation lines. The 4-H Center offers year-round operations, with spring/fall outdoor school, summer camp, and other retreat and user group activities.

65% – Cooking:
  • Typical tasks: prepares foods according to menus and recipes or verbal instructions given by supervisor or higher-level cook; gathers and combines ingredients required by standardized recipes; washes, slices, chops, grates, stirs, kneads, measures, mixes, and weighs food products;
  • Cooks food by boiling, grilling, steaming, deep frying, roasting, or baking;
  • Assists higher-level cook with breakfasts, lunches, or dinners by preparing various foods such as meats, potatoes, casseroles, vegetables, soups, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, eggs, and French toast;
  • Prepares sack lunches; prepares desserts, such as cobbler, cakes from mixes, donuts, cookies, bread, custard, and gelatin;
  • Uses commercial cooking equipment such as grills, steam-jacket kettles, slicers, mixers, and choppers;
  • Turns on grills, ovens, warmers, and steamers;
  • Prepares food for distribution to table or food service lines; arranges food in an attractive manner; keeps food adequately stocked in a buffet line;
  • Communicates with guests about special diets and food ingredients when requested.

20% – Cleaning Functions:
  • Typical tasks: puts food away in designated storage and marks containers; cleans stoves, grills, and countertops; always keeps work area in a sanitary condition;
  • Cleaning and maintaining the dining area, including a coffee bar, tables, chairs, floors, salad bar, dish return area, or other; breaking down boxes for cardboard recycler;
  • Taking garbage to the dumpster; performing other cleaning duties as assigned.

15% – Lead Work and Miscellaneous:
  • Typical tasks: assigns duties and tasks to food service workers or others in preparing foods such as vegetables, soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts;
  • Receives and stores shipments in designated storage;
  • Assists in kitchen cleanup procedures such as washing dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils, mopping floors, and washing walls;
  • Assists higher-level cook by counting equipment and food items during inventory;
  • On occasion, may individually prepare and cook up to three complete meals in a day (e.g., during the limited absence of a higher-level cook due to illness or vacation), using menus prepared ahead of time by a higher-level cook;
  • Checks daily and records temperatures of the dishwasher, and refrigerator units;
  • Responds to questions, compliments, or complaints concerning the food or service from customers/guests;
  • Has regular contact with customers/guests while serving food and cleaning;
  • Attends kitchen staff meetings when scheduled by the supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • One year of experience as a cook in a commercial food service facility; OR possession of a Certificate of Completion in culinary arts and/or Foods and Hospitality Service from a certified community college or technical school.
  • A valid Food Handler’s card, or the ability to obtain one within 30 days of hire.
  • A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity and inclusion.
  • The position is in a rural youth camp kitchen.
  • Typically, the schedule may be morning, afternoon, and/or evening shifts. May include weekend work as needed to meet the needs of customers. Includes long periods of standing; works with and around heat-producing equipment such as ovens, steam kettles, grills, stoves, dishwashers, hot water, proofer, or others; works with sharp or bladed equipment such as knives, tomato slicers, meat/cheese slicer, box cutters, or other.
  • Lifts up to 50 pounds of weight.
  • Regular in-person contact with customers, delivery drivers, and food suppliers to receive goods.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check and other pre-employment screening.

Please send your resume to BlueSun for consideration.

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